Your Guide to the Robins archives

Your Guide to the Robins archives

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P8_1_1_2_2_90 - En tête You are interested in the history and the genealogy of the Gaspé? Do a quick search in the inventories of the Robins archives... Who knows, you might well find completely unreleased documents about your ancestors or your municipality! P8_1_2_3_2 - exemple Description Fonds and series List of files Description of the pieces Index of the ledgers   Quebec archives network Descriptions, research instruments and a good amount of scanned documents are also available on the platform of the Quebec Archives Network! Robin, Jones and Whitman archives Stay tuned, many additions will be made in the next days ;-) P8_1_1_2_2_1.1 - Exemple 1   Ce projet a été rendu possible grâce au gouvernement du Canada This project was made possible by the Government of Canada wordmark-col

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