Each station has its own story: Call for collaboration for Gaspésie Magazine

À chaque gare son histoire : Appel de collaboration pour le Magazine Gaspésie
Gaspé, Wednesday, January 12, 2022. – In the 20th century, the train traveled frequently in Gaspésie; from Mont-Joli, he went either to Matane or to Matapédia where he continued to Gaspé. Throughout its journey, the train makes many stops in the villages. Given the enthusiasm for the subject, two issues of Magazine Gaspésie will follow one another around stations and the stories they contain. At its peak, the peninsula had nearly thirty! Places of reunions and departures, stations are lively spaces filled with memories, but also important crossroads for mail and goods. At each station, its history will retrace these stories, the architecture of these buildings, several of which have disappeared, and the people who worked there. You are invited to collaborate by proposing a text on the section from Mont-Joli to New Carlisle for April 1 ( No. 204, August-November 2022) and on that from Paspébiac to Gaspé for September 9, 2022 ( No. 205, December 2022-March 2023). Destination: Gaspésie For more than 10 years, the train whistle has hardly been heard on the Gaspé railway. The numbers propose a return to the time when stations were frequented places, essential to the life of the villages. Do you know the story of the heritage station in New Carlisle, that of Port-Daniel, which suffered a fire, or even the modern one in Gaspé? Did you witness the relocation of the Cascapedia station? Do you have photos of a dignitary's arrival? Have you looked into mail transit? A member of your family was a stationmaster or a telegrapher? Did your grandfather tell you about the arrival or departure of soldiers? Do you still feel the excitement as a child waiting for the visit on the quay or leaving for the “big city”? Tell us! The next two issues will address the different facets of stations in Gaspésie. Do you have ideas and the subject inspires you? The articles vary between 600 and 1,250 words, to your feathers! Have a story to tell, but aren't comfortable writing it? Contact us, it is with pleasure that we will accompany you in your writing or will make a report of your story. The various chronicles continue! Ideas? All the details here To discuss a draft article or submit a text, contact Marie-Josée Lemaire-Caplette: magazine@museedelagaspesie.ca or 418 368-1534, ext. 106. Click here for all the info -30- Information : Marie-Josee Lemaire-Caplette Editor-in-chief of Magazine Gaspésie C: magazine@museedelagaspesie.ca │ T: 418 368-1534, ext. 106 Source: Gaspésie Magazine