A thousand ways to donate

By donating to the Musée de la Gaspésie, you become a kind of superhero: a guardian of the history and heritage of Gaspésie.

Because our history needs to be :

  • Told, through exhibitions that showcase the wealth of Gaspésie's territory and cultural heritage;
  • Preserved, by collecting hundreds of artefacts and archival documents;
  • Passed on, by creating interactive educational programs tailored to the needs of students from primary school to university;
  • Disseminated, by exporting our knowledge and expertise throughout Gaspésie and Québec via the travellingexhibitions of Magazine Gaspésie since 1963.

In this way, everyone can have the opportunity to discover or rediscover the history of our beautiful Gaspésie.

Donate now

Enough beating around the bush! If you're convinced and want to make a donation to help us continue our mission, this is the place to do it!

Monthly donation

Do you think about the Museum so often that you'd like to support us every month? Building on monthly pledges, the Museum can let its creative juices flow to craft boundless immersive cultural experiences!

First major cultural donation

Come to think of it, we really are your favourite! Are you considering a major cultural donation for the first time? The provincial government is inviting individuals to encourage culture by offering an additional 25% tax credit for all first major cultural donations. Give a lot, for a little!

Planed donation

Un don planifié, le nom le dit, il faut le planifier. Après avoir pensé au bien-être de votre famille et vos proches après votre décès, avez-vous pensé à l’héritage que vous laisserez pour l’histoire de votre belle Gaspésie?

Donate to our collections

At the Musée de la Gaspésie, we are convinced that the memories of all those who have worked to build the Gaspésie of today deserve to be preserved. From politics to
education, agriculture to fishing, notarial letters to love letters, each document bears witness to the history of our region and its people.

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