Our ended exhibitions

Heart's home

Heart's home, by Karine Leblanc, is a fabric and fibre arts installation that showcases the skills women have handed down from one generation to the next.

Dear Leo

A legendary figure in Gaspesian folk art, Léonard Lapierre – Léo to his friends, was born in Gaspé. Inspired by his immediate environment, he carved his first wooden object at the age of 16. This was followed by hundreds of creations. Exploring various mediums, his creations include musical instruments that he used to play a traditional repertoire in his own, unique way.

Heureux hasard

Dans le cadre des Rencontres de la photographie en Gaspésie, le Musée de la Gaspésie présente l’exposition Heureux hasard de la photographe française, Dolorès Marat.


With Péninsule, the artist is interested in climate change and its effects on the coastline of the Gaspé and the Lower St. Lawrence. This speculative documentary project is composed, among other things, of about thirty photographs where the artist, equipped with a laser level, travelled through the territory, initially trying to mark the landscape to see where the water will pass when the temperature increases by 2 to 4 degrees.

Yves Gonthier – 10 ans de création à Percé

Admirez une série de photographies présentées pour la toute première fois au Canada. Les 39 clichés du réputé photographe Raymond Jacobs comportent à la fois une grande valeur documentaire et une esthétique sans pareille. À travers l’œil de ce New-Yorkais, paysages, portraits et scènes de vie vous transportent au cœur de la péninsule d’antan!

Raymond Jacobs – Gaspesie, 1954
Visit an exhibition of 39 photographs never before shown in Canada. Seen through the eye of seminal New York photographer Raymond Jacobs, these landscapes, portraits, and scenes of life take us to the heart of the Gaspésie in the mid-1950s and possess both significant historical value and an unparalleled photographic aesthetic.
PLONGEONS is a series of historic photographies remixed in monochromatic universes. With the project’s augmented reality app, your mobile devices act as scans and reveal other images - virtual this time - embedded within the ones exposed. By diving you in an immersive and interactive environment, the artist will make you live an original experiment nestled between documentary truth and fictitious manipulation.