Planned donation

Your legacy for Gaspésie

By planning your donation with a financial advisor or notary, you can have a major impact on the transmission of Gaspésie history while choosing a solution that benefits you and your heirs, both fiscally and financially.

Your commitment will help preserve our shared heritage and give future generations the opportunity to discover, learn and marvel at the cultural wealth of Gaspésie (and the unique character of our identity). Because
our history must be passed on.

*In writing this text, the Musée de la Gaspésie consulted experts in planned giving.  However, since each situation is unique, we recommend that you consult a wealth management advisor, notary or lawyer specialising in estate planning to ensure that your planned donation takes into account the particularities of your situation and the legal and tax provisions in effect at the time of the donation.

For more information on the impact of planned giving or to let us know what you intend to do, please contact :

Catherine Labelle-Léonard, Head of Philanthropy
418-368-1534 ext. 114