At the confluence of worlds

À la confluence des mondes

Ta'n ugs'tqamu'l etlmawita'qal - At the confluence of worlds - Where worlds meet

Explore the history of the Gapesie as you've never seen it before!

Gaspé, Tuesday, April 13, 2021 - The Musée de la Gaspésie is pleased to present its new permanent exhibition, At the Confluence of Worlds, at the start of the summer season. Travel to the heart of the history of Gaspésie, from 380 million years before today to contemporary society. Thanks to the integration of impressive technological means, see dozens of original illustrations come to life on the walls, enter multimedia islands and admire more than 250 artefacts and archival documents that tell you about the peninsula in a new way. ! At the confluence of worlds is on view from June 17, 2021 at the Musée de la Gaspésie, located in Gaspé.

Gaspésie connected to the world
Gaspésie is often called the “end of the world” or, according to the Mi'gmaq Gespeg name, the “end of the lands”. Yet it has long been tied to the outside world, sometimes even to the fore. By its geographical position, it is entirely turned towards the sea. By boat, the ocean is not a barrier, but a real sea route. And if Gaspésie was rather the beginning of the world?

An unexpected historical experience
Immerse yourself in time with a film of animated illustrations that recounts the beginnings of the history of Gaspésie, from the birth of the world to the arrival of the Mi'gmaqs. Projected on the walls of the exhibition, more than a dozen illustrated moving scenes will amaze you with their beauty. From moose hunting by the Mi'gmaqs to cod fishing, passing through the melodies of Madame Bolduc, discover different key moments in the history of the peninsula. True witnesses in three dimensions, many artefacts reveal their secrets to you, some of which have never left the reserves.

Inside three multimedia islands, historical events will also come to life before your eyes. You will be surprised to hear the version of Jacques Cartier's journey by the great Iroquoian chief Donnacona, and amazed to consult an interactive register of letters from Charles Robin. Finally, you will shiver when you see a German submarine attack the cargo ship Meadcliffe Hall , aboard which you will witness the Battle of the St. Lawrence.

Presented in French and English, while highlighting the Mi'gmaq language, the exhibition At the confluence of worlds highlights the contribution of the three founding peoples to the creation of a diversified Gaspésie. Live a unique experience in a surprising historical universe that will appeal to an audience of all ages.

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