“When art goes POP!” 200th issue of Magazine Gaspésie

«Quand l'art fait POP!» 200e numéro du Magazine Gaspésie

Gaspé, Tuesday, March 23, 2021 - The Musée de la Gaspésie is pleased to present the 200th issue of Magazine Gaspésie: When art makes pop! To celebrate this issue, a festive, colorful and unifying theme has emerged: popular art. True reflections of the regional culture, the creations of the "gosseux" and the "patenteux" alternately illustrate characters, animals, toys, pinwheels, etc. with imagination and naivety. Immerse yourself in this eclectic universe by discovering their works and meeting these talented artists and passionate collectors. Celebrate with us for this 200th issue! When art goes pop! is available in newsstands and online.

A unifying art

The Gaspésie is proving to be one of the most prolific regions in terms of folk art, as tourists are fond of handmade souvenirs. Learn more about the Bourgault workshop, which supplied shops on the peninsula from the 1930s, until the manufacture of small boats became widespread in Gaspésie, thus marking the beginnings of popular sculpture in the region. Discover several memorable artists, including Réjean Pipon and his famous “bugs” as well as the pioneer Madeleine Lizotte and her little shop. You will also fall in love with Honoré Hunt who appropriates the natural curves of the branches to translate the movements of the body, and Raymond Bélanger who creates his sculptures in a single piece of wood. See also the slow process of recognition of this long misunderstood and now coveted art. To this end, collectors tell their passion and share with you their striking pieces, some of which have even inspired an exhibition of engravings!

“From colorful miniature pieces full of detail to huge works of wood carved with a mechanical saw, there is something to be impressed with! Beyond the sculptures, I discovered a real poetry in the artists. It's an art close to the people that has forged its place in the hearts of Gaspésiennes and Gaspésiens, a bit like Magazine Gaspésie: a perfect theme to highlight its 200th issue. commented Marie-Josée Lemaire-Caplette, editor-in-chief.

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Get the print or digital version of When Art Makes Pop! on newsstands, online at magazinegaspesie.ca or by phone at 418 368-1534, ext. 104. You can also subscribe to either version.

Image: Cover of Gaspésie Magazine “When art makes pop! »; work: Réjean Bernier, Self-portrait, 2006, photo: Jacques Beardsell, Chantal Soucy collection.

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Marie-Josee Lemaire-Caplette
Head of communications and editor-in-chief of Magazine Gaspésie
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