The Gaspe of animals

Kindergarten 4 and 5 years

Working with the animator, students locate certain animals in the exhibition. They have to associate the animal with its baby and place it in the right environment using educational cards. Students are invited to bring along an animal plushie if they wish.

1st and 2nd cycles

With the help of the activity leaders, students are asked to identify specific objects and associate them with an animal. Working in groups, they answer questions about the animal, using terms seen in class such as nocturnal, herbivore, etc. They also reflect on the object and its evolution.

The same pedagogical tools are used, but the degree of difficulty of the activity varies according to grade level.

3rd cycle

Working in teams, students are asked to complete a scientific fact sheet on certain animals. They must locate the object associated with the animal by browsing the exhibition and reading the object descriptions. As well as learning about the links between animals and humans, and the evolution of objects, students learn to familiarize themselves with an independent museum visit.

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