let's dive

PLONGEONS is a series of historic photographies remixed in monochromatic universes. With the project’s augmented reality app, your mobile devices act as scans and reveal other images – virtual this time – embedded within the ones exposed. By diving you in an immersive and interactive environment, the artist will make you live an original experiment nestled between documentary truth and fictitious manipulation.

Multimedia artist

Stefan Buridans, a.k.a. Sven, has been living and working in Montreal since 2007. Graduate in cinematographic studies (ESEC, Paris), he vows a particular interest to the visual print left on our collective memory. His research in digital arts is the result of professional audio-visual experiences. Founding member of the Mouvement Art Mobile (MAM) in 2012, Sven initiates events in the public and digital space. He promotes in the institutional and academic fields the recognition of a contemporary notion of mobility in art. With the MAM, Sven is the commissioner of Mobilisations, the first Canadian mobile art retrospective. His first solo exhibition Plongeons, a device integrating augmented reality, is currently touring in the art centers and cultural houses of Quebec.

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