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Jacques Cartier Cross

Take a selfie at the foot of a replica of the thirty-foot cross bearing the coat of arms of the King of France, erected by Jacques Cartier in 1534.

Jacques-Cartier Monument

Pierre et Jean-Julien Bourgault-Legros, 1982

With its giant cast iron steles, this national historic site commemorates the encounter between Jacques Cartier and the St. Lawrence Iroquoians in 1534.

In memory of She

Renée Mao Clavet, 2012

This monumental work pays
homage to the women of all origins who built the region.

Être Rivière

Luce Pelletier, 2009

Relax in the sun and enjoy the view from this fish-shaped bench sculpture, a nod to the connection between humans and nature.

Suite marine

Bill (William James) Vincent, 2009

With its accordion-like folds, this installation evokes the sea and the mountains of the Gaspé Peninsula.

Espace François-Mitterrand​

Outdoor amphitheatre commemorating the French president’s official visit to Gaspé in 1987

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