Clothing and accessories

Find here the clothing, accessories and beauty items in our collection.


Or ?; 5,1cm
Don Madame Fernande Bolduc
Inv. 1984.21.18

Bracelet composed of an open metal band with a metal plate cut out in a floral pattern glued on to it.

Pair of earrings

Silver, glass; 5,2 x 1,6cm
Don Madame Fernande Bolduc
Inv. 1984.21.12.1-2

A pair of silver earrings in a pattern of knotted ribbons with openings. Each earring is composed of three articulated sections, held by two rings, set with clear stones and a wine-red oval stone, mounted on a screw back for an unpierced ear.


Metal, mother of pearl; 7,7 x 24,2 cm
Don Madame Fernande Bolduc

Fan made of a mother-of-pearl shell with a silver-coloured handle. The shell is polished and polychrome in shades of brown. It is attached to the turned handle by a connector cut into three spade-shaped points and held in place by screws.


Crocodile, 19,5 x 28,5cm
Don Madame Fernande Bolduc
Inv. 1984.21.31

Piece of crocodile leather, braided along the edges, with one compartment inside, no catch. There are two crocodile feet depicted on the front near the top.

Pair of earrings

Silver, stone; 1,5 x 2cm
Don Madame Fernande Bolduc
Inv. 1984.21.16.1-2

A pair of silver earrings. Each earring is circular in shape and is set with blue oval stones and round and oval clear stones; mounted on a screw back.


Silk and rayon; 124cmDon Madame Fernande BolducInv. 1984.21.67

Long, black tunic with a shawl collar and wide sleeves; it closes left side over right. Decorated with bands of embroidered pink flowers along the front centre. It has two loops but the belt is missing.

Madame Bolduc would wear this to relax after her shows.

Powder puff

Fur, claws; 4 x 13,5cm
Don Madame Fernande Bolduc
Inv. 1984.21.43

Rabbit’s foot with claws that was used to apply blusher.

Fur coat

Fur, ermine tails; 134 cm
Don Madame Fernande Bolduc
Inv. 1984.21.66.1-6

Long coat of ermine fur, decorated with small black-tipped ermine tails. No buttons, with a v-shaped neckline and long sleeves. Lined in silk with two tubes for drawstrings at the waist. A few ermine tails have come loose.

Madame Bolduc would wear this fashionable cape after her performances, according to Fernande.

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